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Our ambition is to deliver sustainable value to society. That is why we strive to be exemplary when it comes to applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in our strategic decisions and day-to-day activities. For us, this means that we

  • challenge convention on the delivery of innovation and technology, constantly pioneering new and better ways of banking
  • build relationships based on trust and conduct our business responsibly and transparently
  • champion our customers by delivering breathtaking products and services and create a bespoke user experience to enhance and ease banking and investment decision-making
  • cherish our employees and work hard to make Swissquote an attractive place to work
  • deliver sustainable growth and create value for all our stakeholders
  • strive to reduce our environmental footprint

In 2020, we conducted a materiality assessment to sharpen and prioritise the sustainability topics important to Swissquote and our stakeholders. As a first step, we compiled a list of potentially relevant topics. This was based on the Standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Investment Banking and Brokerage Sustainability Accounting Standards of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), key topics to our peers, topics observed by ESG rating agencies such as MSCI ESG and Inrate, and our own established sustainability topics.

Our Materiality Matrix

  • Business Continuity
    IT ResilienceOur Business Continuity and IT Resilience plans ensure that critical business processes can continue in the event of a major internal or external incident.
  • Customer Data Security, Privacy and ProtecitonWe protect our clients’ data with the highest level of information security available.
  • Financial PerformanceSwissquote aspires to grow as a company and provide exceptional value to investors by pioneering new markets in the online banking industry.
  • Environmental ResponsibilityWe strive to minimise our environmental impact and prioritise a strong environmental performance, which strengthens our relationships with stakeholders.
  • Social ImpactWe are committed to contributing and supporting the local and regional communities in which we do business.
  • Customer ExperienceWe are relentless about understanding our customers’ desires, needs and ambitions. By knowing our customers and delivering breathtaking products and customer service, we are building enduring relationships.
  • DiversityWe embrace diversity along every line: gender, age, origin, culture, language, sexual orientation, religion, thinking and working style, experience, skill and marital status.
  • Employee EngagementWe value personality, initiative and, above all, team spirit. Our employees are empowered with a common goal: making trading opportunities accessible to everyone.
  • Product FocusSwissquote continually develops new products to better serve our customers and provide value to stakeholders.
  • Talent DevelopmentDeveloping the talent we want to keep is the foundation of our talent management efforts.
  • Compliance, Governance & EthicsIntegrity is in our DNA, and our partners have come to expect this in everything we do.
  • InnovationWe strive to generate value in new and unexpected ways that delight our customers and keep them using our services.
  • Compensation & BenefitsWe make working at Swissquote attractive by giving a fair and competitive compensation, generous benefits, a pleasant work environment, a priority on work-life balance and a focus on health and well-being.
  • Credibility in the MarketCredibility is everything in banking. Without credibility, there is no bank.
  • Prudent Investment ApproachWe work hard to safeguard our clients’ financial interests.