“Swissquote combines a unique multi-asset class trading platform with the innovative power of a fintech company based on a solid Swiss bank.”

Marc Bürki, Co-founder and CEO

Swissquote: the demo­cratisa­tion of tradi­tional banking

Founded by two engineers, Swissquote set out in 1996 to democratise traditional banking and finance. The idea was to give private investors the opportunity to invest directly in the stock markets and manage their assets themselves via the Internet.

Today over 500’000 clients use Swissquote's modern, intuitive online trading platform. They have access to a broad, innovative range of asset classes in real time and on favorable terms. Clients benefit from a comprehensive range of investment opportunities, professional research and an ESG analysis tool. Swissquote is one of the few banks in Switzerland to offer its clients robo-advisory services with customised investment solutions. The area of digital asset management will continue to grow, adding innovative solutions.

As well as actively managed certificates, clients can invest directly in structured products with various yield profiles issued by Swissquote. Further proof of Swissquote's innovative strength came with the creation of the SQX crypto exchange in 2022, through which a growing number of cryptocurrencies can be traded securely and on the best liquidity terms.

Swissquote: more than just online banking

On average, Swissquote customers are wealthier than those of other online brokers. This is because they also benefit from a comprehensive universal banking service. In addition to the online arrangement of mortgages and leasing contracts, this also encompasses a TWINT app and a multi-currency credit card for the convenient and cost-effective processing of payments and purchases. Swissquote’s offering in this area will soon be expanded with eBill and a modern debit card featuring Apple Pay and Google Pay.

In keeping with the democratisation of the financial world and the power of innovation, the Yuh financial app, jointly launched by Swissquote and Postfinance in 2021, is enjoying increasing popularity: it now has over 100’000 “Yuhsers”. These customers are younger investors and deposits are smaller than at Swissquote.

But institutional clients are also increasingly benefiting from the diverse opportunities offered by Swissquote's unique business model. For example, the bank is continuously expanding its software platform for asset managers called “Asset Master”, which offers efficient, cost-effective portfolio management and trading.

Key success factors not limited to financial assets

Swissquote conducts an annual assessment based on the recommendations of the GRI Global Reporting Initiative. This identifies 15 key areas relevant both for the long-term success of the business and for the impacts of Swissquote’s activities on economy, people and environment.

The fact that we are on the right path with our ESG strategy is demonstrated by the upgrade of our MSCI ESG rating from BBB to AA in 2022.

High priorities are assigned to protection from cyber risks and ensuring system functionality: Swissquote thus invests in IT security to the tune of double-digit millions every year. Other areas include innovation, customer satisfaction and environmental footprint.  

Further vindication of the unique business model in 2022

Swissquote combines a unique multi-asset class trading platform with the innovative power of a fintech company based on a solid, comprehensively regulated Swiss bank. 

Since listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange in 2000, the Swissquote Group has succeeded in creating continuous added value – and, especially, in steadily increasing its operating efficiency. Despite the negative-interest-rate environment of recent years, this has enabled the Group to continuously increase its pre-tax profit margin: by the end of 2022, it exceeded 45%.

With net revenues of CHF 408.0 million and a pre-tax profit of CHF 186.4 million, Swissquote achieved the targets it had set for 2022 despite the difficult market environment. The inflow of net new money was strong at over CHF 7.7 billion – an eloquent vote of confidence. Total client assets reached CHF 52.2 billion.

The balance sheet total grew by 13% in 2022 to CHF 10.2 billion. In a further expression and confirmation of solidity, equity was strengthened by an additional CHF 125.6 million. This brought the capital ratio to 24.8%, once again comfortably ahead of the 11.2% required by FINMA.

The Executive Management, which has been successfully working together for many years, is supported by more than 1’000 highly qualified and motivated employees in the implementation of the company’s strategic planning and continuing development.

The USP is in the DNA: the Swissquote growth story continues

Swissquote will enlarge its strong position in the Swiss home market, diversify its services, develop new customer segments and expand in other target markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This will broaden the Group’s income sources, helping to reduce the proportion that is transaction-based and hence more volatile. 

With an extremely solid balance sheet structure and a strong core capital ratio (CET1), Swissquote will also be well placed to cope with difficult market or economic situations in the future – and to take advantage of opportunities that arise for its clients and for the bank itself.