Our under­standing of sustainability

We strive to deliver sustainable value to society and exemplify how to apply environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in our strategic decisions and operations. For us, this means that:

  • We challenge  convention through innovation and technological advancement, ceaselessly pioneering new and intuitive banking solutions to democratise financial markets and offer equitable access to financial opportunities to all.
  • We establish and maintain relationships based on trust and conduct our business responsibly and transparently.
  • We champion our customers, providing them with innovative products and services and tailor user experiences to enhance and facilitate banking and investment decision making. We also actively engage with our clients to better understand their needs, motivations and aspirations. We value our employees highly and work hard to cultivate an inclusive culture that reflects their talent.

In our journey towards sustainability, we are mindful of the environment and pursue sustainable growth that creates value for all our stakeholders.

The 2023 Sustainability report marks the fourth year of non-financial disclosure for Swissquote, in addition to information on financial performance, remuneration and corporate governance. As part of our commitment to transparency towards our customers, employees and other stakeholders, the reporting includes comprehensive insights about our approach to sustainability and key performance data in accordance with GRI Standards. This is the first non-financial report adhering to the requirements of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO) (Article 964b and 964c CO on Transparency on Non-Financial Matters). In an effort to enhance trust and confidence, selected indicators and non-financial disclosures have been externally assured in 2023.

Our materiality assessment

Swissquote has determined the most critical priority topics based on the relevance of the impacts of its business activities on sustainable development and on the long-term success of Swissquote in the marketplace. These two pillars lay the foundation for our sustainability strategy as well as reporting and inform the concept of “double materiality” that serves as the basis for the 2023 Sustainability Report.

In 2023, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment to sharpen and prioritise the sustainability topics important to Swissquote and our stakeholders. The 15 identified material topics identified through this process provide the foundation for our sustainability management and reporting and are presented in our materiality matrix.

  • Customer ExperienceWe are relentless about understanding our customers’ desires, needs and aspirations. We are building enduring relationships by getting to know our customers and delivering outstanding products and customer service.
  • Financial PerformanceSwissquote aspires to grow as a company and to provide exceptional value to investors by pioneering new markets in the online banking industry.
  • Talent Recruitment, Development, and RetentionWe are an employer that makes employees feel at home, where individuality, initiative, and team spirit are valued and nurturing great talent is at the heart of our people management.
  • Business Continuity and IT ResilienceOur Business Continuity and IT resilience plans ensure uninterrupted continuation of Swissquote’s critical business processes in the event of a major internal or external incident.
  • Compliance, Governance, and EthicsIntegrity is in our DNA, and our stakeholders expect this in everything we do.
  • Data Privacy and SecurityWe protect our stakeholders’ data with the highest level of information security.
  • Innovation and Access to FinanceWe strive to challenge conventions via innovation and technology to democratise financial markets and make financial opportunities more accessible to all.
  • Compensation and BenefitsWe make working at Swissquote attractive by offering fair and competitive compensation, generous benefits, an enjoyable work environment, prioritising work-life balance and a focus on health and well-being.
  • Transparency and Credibility in the MarketCredibility is everything in banking. Without credibility, there is no bank.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)We embrace diversity along every line: gender, age, (social) origin, culture, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, thinking and working style, experience, skills, and disabilities.
  • Product GovernanceSwissquote continually develops new products to better serve our customers and provide value to stakeholders.
  • Prudent Investment ApproachWe work hard to safeguard our clients’ financial interests.
  • Energy Use and Climate ResilienceWe aim to lower the carbon footprint of our operations as well as our investment portfolio.
  • Protection of Human RightsWe firmly uphold human rights, integrating respect and dignity of every individual into all aspects of our company culture.
  • Social EngagementsWe are committed to contributing and supporting the communities where we do business.
very high